Tsog Offering to Guru Rinpoche

2016/08/13 - 19:00

When attending a Tsog, each practitioner must bring an offering to be included on the shrine. Remember that the food we bring is an offering for the Buddhas and Bodhisattva, not for us! Therefore, it is not like a pot-luck. You should select the finest quality foods – as if you were expecting a very important guest – and not necessarily food that you like. When you go to the store to purchase Tsog food, be free from a mind of partiality and be sure you are buying (or making) the offerings with a pure motivation (not thinking about how much money you are spending!).

Tsog Offering to Dakini

2016/12/23 - 19:00

Dakini is the female form of Energies in Tibetan Culture and beliefs. She appeared in many forms. As Vajrayogini, she is considered as the Mother of all Buddhas. As Prajna Paramita, she is considered as the Mother of Universe. As Yeshe Tsogyal, she is the Consort of Guru Rinpoche. She functioned as His consort in order to gather and codify His teachings, to be handed down to the future generations.