21 Zambala Mantra

  • Posted on: 19 January 2014
  • By: admin

21 Zambala – The blessing of deity of wealth – Cultivate the Wealth of MIND WISDOM. “Dzam” means “Deity or gathering”. “Bhah” means “gold or wealth”. “La” means “to honor”. “Dzambhala” means “Precious Golden Deity, who gathers or brings the wealth of spirituality or Dharma and material security or accomplishment to our lives”.

In Tantrism, Jambhala practice is an expedient and worldly cultivation-method. Tantric cultivation is divided into “Generation Stage” and “Completion Stage”; Generation Stage is the foundation while Completion Stage consists of practices pertaining to the holy truth and the transcendental methods. Jambhala practice is a fundamental cultivation-method.

Wishing Fulfilling Prayers to attract, magnetise and protect wealth, you use this practice to cultivate generosity to all beings while attracting prosperity and abundance through hearing, and reciting the sadhana of 21 Zambala deities.

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